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Feedrabbit's 1st Birthday

September 05, 2015 — Jonathon Rossi

Time has really passed by lately as today marks one year exactly from the end of Feedrabbit's private beta and its soft launch. Many hundreds of users are making use of this little side project, and there were 5 users that upgraded to Premium accounts during that time.

I started this service because I was unhappy with what was available in the market, so I'd like to thank everyone who has signed up and are enjoying their stream of custom content. Because Feedrabbit doesn't pay my bills I've not had a lot of time to put into it during this calendar year, however over the next year I want to incrementally improve things and I have a whole pile of things I've been looking into including:

Obviously these things will take time, so if you are interested in any of them or have a different feature request make sure to drop me a line. I'll follow up with updates here on the blog as they progress.

-- Cheers, Jono

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