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Multiple Email Addresses and updates to Tag Addresses

December 23, 2014 — Jonathon Rossi

Feedrabbit now supports multiple email addresses under the one user account. You'll now see a "Deliver To" field on the subscription edit page that allows you to select which email address the subscription will be delivered to, while additional email addresses can be added via the settings page. Your primary email address will be used for all account related notifications including account changes, billing receipts and password resets.

With the introduction of the "Deliver to" field the existing "Gmail plus address" field has been removed to consolidate the user experience and because of confusion some users have experienced. These "plus" addresses are now referred to as "tag addresses" to remove confusion with their association with the Gmail product. The hope is that a single drop down of all email addresses and an improved user interface for creating these addresses will provide the best user experience. All existing data has been migrated.

Additional email addresses is a Premium only feature, however tag addresses remain a feature for all users.

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