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Service Outage (27 Feb 2021)

February 27, 2021 — Jonathon Rossi

Between 4:59pm and 5:31pm AEST (UTC+10) we experienced an outage of the Feedrabbit web site and background job processing services for all of our customers. During this time our web site had response times of up to 57 seconds and for a few users a Feedrabbit specific error page was displayed with the sad rabbit.

The outage was caused by an unplanned and unreported outage of our SQL Database managed by our hosting provider Microsoft Azure in the US East region where Feedrabbit is hosted. This outage did not appear on the Azure outage status page and may have been isolated to a small number of Azure SQL Database instances. During this time we were unable to view database metrics, but web application metrics show the significant increase in response time.

No emails were lost, background feed fetching has automatically continued from where it was and emails are being delivered as per usual.

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