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reCAPTCHA for sign ups

July 15, 2020 — Jonathon Rossi

Unfortunately we can't have nice things. Someone has a bot registering accounts on Feedrabbit likely to clean their email list since Feedrabbit performs validation of email addresses. The bot has slowly been creating accounts using different IP addresses over the last few months but today they've created over 40 accounts in a few hours. This hurts Feedrabbit's email reputation because the real owners of those email addresses didn't sign up for Feedrabbit and some of them hit the spam button in their email clients for the sign up confirmation email.

From today, Feedrabbit now uses Google's reCAPTCHA for account signups, hopefully this can stem the flow of false user accounts. I'll look at implementing an automatic account clean up for unverified accounts soon to clean up the junk from the database. reCAPTCHA usually only requires ticking the "I'm not a robot" box, so apologies if it makes you fill out some puzzles.

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