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Service Outage (10 Apr 2016)

April 10, 2016 — Jonathon Rossi

Between 2:28am and 9:42am AEST (UTC+10) we experienced a full service outage of the Feedrabbit web site and background job processing services for all of our customers. During this time our web site returned a Feedrabbit specific error page with a sad rabbit. The outage was caused by our hosting provider because of a "partial service interruption" to most Microsoft Azure services in the US East region where Feedrabbit is hosted. The issue has now been resolved after over 7 hours, Microsoft have reported that the root cause was an "underlying Storage memory consumption issue".

The effect of this outage means that all emails that should have been sent during this time were not. No emails were lost just delayed, the backlog was completed by 9:59am AEST. Sorry for the disruption, however today's incident follows several outages caused by Microsoft Azure over Feedrabbit's lifetime, unfortunately our future plans to migrate away from Microsoft Azure have not seen any progress.

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