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1. What is a feed?

Web sites provide feeds to allow users to subscribe to their content, they usually come in different flavors including RSS and Atom. A feed reader like Feedrabbit is then used to notify you about new posts to your favorite blogs, news sites, forums and comics.

2. Is there any software to install?

Nope. Feedrabbit works by just sending emails, there is no software to install on either your desktop, laptop or phone. Read your subscriptions in your current email client.

3. That sounds like it could be a lot of emails?

Some feeds post new items very frequently, for these feeds we recommend that you either:

  • Set up an email filter or rule in your email client to hide them from your inbox (we've got built-in support for tag addresses and the List-Id header), or
  • Configure the subscription as a daily digest (don't worry, we'll automatically configure subscriptions as a digest if they get busy)

4. Rabbits?

Rabbits have an excellent sense of smell, hearing and vision, nearly 360° panoramic vision, can jump up to one metre high and three metres long, and are very social animals.

Feedrabbit aims to listen and keep you in the loop on what your fellow humans are up to. Don't worry, no animals were harmed in the delivering of your news.

To learn more facts about rabbits visit the OneKind site.

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